Gili Trawangan More Beautiful Than Ever

Gili Trawangan More Beautiful Than Ever

Changes are happening in Gili Trawangan!

As unbelievable as it sounds, Gili Trawangan is changing. For the better! A few month ago, a new law stated that all constructions on the beach, which were obstructing the sea view, are to be removed until February 24, 2017.

In Gili Trawangan, not much was happening and only a couple of buildings were removed from the beach. Local people strolled, horses pulled their carts, and wind waved the crowns of palm trees. No one was bothered by the impeding changes and everyone took them with a grain of salt.


This improvement benefits everyone.

On the 23rd of February, something happened in Gili Trawangan!


New perspective!


The difference is incredible.

My ride on the Ring Road was full of marvel. People were working, hammers in hands, throwing bricks, moving rubble. Buildings, which were destroying this lovely island, were disappearing and – wait for it, wait for it – I could actually see the sea!


This used to be Kayu Cafe.


It’s very uplifting to see all this. Yes!

Gili Trawangan is very unique among Indonesian islands. Because of its size, it cannot develop more than it already has, the island is struggling with trash problem, while more and more visitors are coming.


People were working quickly as the deadline was upon them.


As silly as it sounds, being able to see the sea when walking the Ring Road is a completely exhilarating experience!


Working, working, working 🙂 No more Egoiste taking up the beach. No more no one taking up the beach!

Everyone is curious to see what’s this island about, why it became so famous? People from around the world come to explore this corner of Indonesia and even Indonesians are lured by its magic.


Gili Trawangan’s fame is well earned as it is a very beautiful island with a great vibe. You will never get bored here but if you’re looking to relax, it’s very easy in the privacy of places such as Villas Edenia where you can chill out in your own private villas with a private pool!

image24- villas-edenia-villas-gili-trawangan-lombok-bali-holidays

Now, with the new law and new effort to solve the trash problem, the island is reaching new hights of beauty.

Well done!

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  1. Adrian Graf 21st January 2018 | Reply
    ive heard that the old section on the beach has been torn down and looks like a complete mess. i am/was planning a trip there as it was a classic part of Gili T that i loved and return to. now i have heard that it is nothing like before and am concerned i will not enjoy it and look else where to stay. please return with some comments before i pay for a dud holiday.
    • admin 26th January 2018 | Reply
      Hi Adrian, It's really gorgeous since they've removed all the buildings on the beach. Now you can see the sea wherever you are but still hang out on the beach. You're gonna love it! :)))

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